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It's all about AmarithAllow me to gush a little about my new friend SapphireGamgee, who created the phenomenal image of my protagonist Amarith, from my compelted fantasy novel of the same name. From my descriptions, she drafted, and re-drafted (and re-drafted again) until I was happy with the character representation: getting an image from my head, to someone else's head, and then into visual image form is no small feat, and though it took some tweaking towards the end there, I'm happy to say that the final result IS how I pictured the Amarith I created.
Suffice to say, that I will be commissioning SapphireGamgee to undertake further work for me, probably for the novel, the sequel of which I am currently in the process of writing.
Read the full novel for free here:
Give SapphireGamgee some love here:
NB: I'm always on the look out for artists who might like to wo


Wow....two journal features in the last month!  You guys are so sweet to me! :hug:  This time it was :iconkitaklaw: , who is also a Lord of the Rings fan.  She\\\'s doing spotlights of LOTR art, and started with art of the hobbits.  How awesome is that?  

Anyway, here's the feature… out all the other wonderful hobbit art in there as well!  LOTR FANS UNITE!


:iconmirachravaia: featured my art in her journal spotlight!  Three pieces, as a matter of fact!  For any of you interested in hurt/comfort art, check it out!  (It's one of my favorite themes, obviously :D )  Also, there are quite a few Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion pieces in there, which I enjoyed looking at as well.

The spotlight is here: Hurt/Comfort featureI have a soft spot for injured characters, and their friends caring for them... (if you are disturbed by blood, don't look!)

Potion by jankolas:thumb4911740:Fingon: The Rescue by EcthelionF
Injured by Elezar81It'll make for a good story by elfkinPlease Not You by Pilar-SamaHealing Hands by SapphireGamgee:thumb193671942:Nimri and Morgan by Vyrhelle-VyrLDA:O - Wounded by ElyssaWeceraSAKUSASU... after his mission by nami64Healing magic by jankolas:thumb39755577:In Need Of Hope by SapphireGamgeeHuddled Group by SapphireGamgee


The lovely :iconayameyuy: was kind enough to want to interview me on her blog, The Impossible Typewriter!  I've never been personally interviewed before...that I this was quite an honor for me.  Plus, she was very patient with me as I bounced from tangent to tangent (I did try to stay on-topic ^___^ ' ) .  If you're interested, you can find the interview here impossibletypewriter.blogspot.… , and also the Artist Spotlight she did before the interview here impossibletypewriter.blogspot.… .  I'm so happy that anything I do would merit a spotlight AND an interview!  Holy cow!  

Thanks again, :iconayameyuy: , for the interview!  You're so very sweet!  :hug:  I'm still giddy with excitement :D  :D  Everyone, check out her blog!!  :eager:  :bounce:


Back on Track!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 9:35 PM

.: Art :.

Finally!  For those of you waiting on your commissions I just got my replacement laptop.  I can now get back on track :D  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via DA notes.  It may take a bit of time to get to you, but I will as fast as I can.

Thank you all again so much for your patience and understanding!

If you want a slot, send me a note and we can discuss your commission!
Please take a look at the commission process and pricing below!


Basic Commission Process:

Step 1: Decide what kind of a commission you want. 

The easiest way to determine what style you desire and the cost is to look at the samples below.  The samples are not limited to what I can do, but they'll give you a rough idea.  

Subjects include, but are not necessarily limited to:  Existing characters, original characters (yours or my own), comics, fantasy, storyboards, bromance, friendship, still-life, portraits (human, animal, anthro, other) , photo-restoration /manipulation.  If you're not sure if I can do it, don't hesitate to ask!
I WON'T do:  Pornography, explicitly Yaoi/Yuri/bi-relationships, anything too sexually charged or violent (If you're not sure, discuss your ideas with me, and I'll tell you where the line is.)

Step 2: Discussion of concept and commission price.  

This may be done in notes through Deviant Art, by email, or other method of private messaging (I use the first two the most, but whatever you're most comfortable with. )  Once the basic concept is agreed upon, I will give you an initial price estimate.  

Note: I've had to re-tool some of my prices, which will be reflected below in the sample list.  Individual prices will vary, but the samples will give you a rough idea.  (These sample prices do not affect past commissions where a price has already been discussed and fixed upon) .  

Step 3: Concept Sketches.  

I will send preliminary sketches via email to you, at which time you will pay half the commission price in advance.  Payment may be sent via Paypal or regular mail.  I will give you my information privately at that time.  Any change in price will also be finalized then, since preliminary concept work helps me to better gauge the time and effort that will go into the finished product.  However, the initial estimate and final price will probably not vary too much, if at all, so don't worry!

Step 4: Final Draft. 

Once I have the final draft completed I will send you a low-resolution file via email so you can approve it, or request changes.  If your changes are minor, or the result of a fault on my part, there is no extra charge.  However, major revisions will otherwise cost extra.  

Step 5: Payment and Finished Product.  

Once the commission is completed to everyone's satisfaction, you will send the other half of the payment.  Once I have been paid in full, I will send you the high-resolution file via email, as well as an invoice.  Payment in installments is an option and can be discussed on a commission-by-commission basis.

Note:  A physical copy of your commission can be printed and framed and sent to you, but you must cover the cost, as well as shipping and handling.  Let me know if this is something you want and we can discuss the details.


$25-  Commission: Wufei Tattoo by SapphireGamgee  Black and white line drawing, single character/design, no background.

$40-  Decibelle and Sapphire: Music Buddies by SapphireGamgee  Mytho and Fakir sketch by SapphireGamgee  2 characters, simple color, simple/no background.

$40-  Hobbits by SapphireGamgee  4 characters, simple style/color, simple/no background.

$45-  Brooklyn Singing by SapphireGamgee  Fakir Dancing by SapphireGamgee  Black Rabbit of Inle by SapphireGamgee  1 character, simple shading, simple color wash, simple background.

$45-  Cooking Is My Passion by SapphireGamgee 1 person caricature, color, simple background.

$45-  Ihha Ponysona- Jewel Wing by SapphireGamgee  Sweet Potato by SapphireGamgee 1 ponysona design

$55- Wufei Dragon Tattoo by SapphireGamgee  complex tattoo design, full color.

$55-  Fakir Wishes You A Happy Birthday by SapphireGamgee 1 character, fully-shaded, half-body, monochrome, simple background.

$60- The Elements of Harmony by SapphireGamgee  6 characters, cell-shading, full-color, simple background.

$60- Sallah and Indy by SapphireGamgee  2 subjects, animal portrait, full-color, simple background.

$65- Teach Me To Read by SapphireGamgee  3 characters, cartoon shading, full color, half-body, simple background.

$65-  Alacrity 3 by SapphireGamgee 7-panel storyboard, simple colors and backgrounds.

$65-  Commission: Bobby Hunter by SapphireGamgee 1 character design, comic-book style, full-body, color, extra acoutrements, simple/no background.

$65-  Taylor for Taylorlive33 by SapphireGamgee 1 human character, full-body, color, simple/no background.

$70- Bath Day by SapphireGamgee 2 characters, shaded cartoon, medium background, full-color, full-body.

$70- Kuro by SapphireGamgee 1 anthro character, full-body, color, simple/no background.

$70- Lilah and Komatsu by SapphireGamgee 2 characters, portrait-quality, full-color, simple/no background.

$70- Chang Family Portrait by SapphireGamgee 3 characters, full-body, full-shading, monochrome, simple/no background.

$70- Rachelle, Fuzzy and Travis by SapphireGamgee  3 subjects, animal portrait, full color, simple background.

$70-  Pin-up Catherine by SapphireGamgee 1 character, monochrome, realistic, medium background.

$75- Getting Ready by SapphireGamgee 4 characters, cartoon-shading, full body (these are almost full) , full color, simple background.

$75-  Group Photo by SapphireGamgee  5 characters, half-body, medium background, cell-shading, full-color.

$75-  NYNE Page 9 by SapphireGamgee  Complex comic page, coloring only.

$75-  Brooklyn Comic 1- Weather Problems by SapphireGamgee  8-panel comic, full-color, cell-shading of characters, simple painted backgrounds.

$75- Flame Throwing by SapphireGamgee 2 characters (1 character an animal, child, chibi etc.), comic-book style, full color.
$80- Wufei and Ayame: Reunion by SapphireGamgee  6 characters, cell-shaded, medium painted background.

$85- Taylor for Taylorlive33 by SapphireGamgee  1 character, portrait-quality, full-color, medium background.

$100- Studying by SapphireGamgee  2 characters, comic-book style, full color, medium background.

$100-  Life Spell by SapphireGamgee  5 characters, full-body, simple background, monochrome.

$100- The Little Humpbacked Horse by SapphireGamgee Poster design, full color, 5 subjects, no background.

$120- Elliavar by SapphireGamgee 1 character, portrait-quality, full color, medium background.

$120-  Now I See The Light by SapphireGamgee  2 characters, color, complex background.

$120- Meeting the Cutie Mark Crusaders by SapphireGamgee 8 characters, simple color, complex background.

$130-  Annelise and Ryan by SapphireGamgee portrait, 2 subjects, full color, simple background.

$200- Disney Princess Cheer Box by SapphireGamgee  6 characters, half-body, color, simple background.

$250- Legerdemain by SapphireGamgee  10 characters, full color, simple/no background.

$275- GW Fantasy Group by SapphireGamgee  6 characters, full color, complex background.

For those of you who see your commissioned pieces here, and the price is different than what you remember paying, it's because I've re-vamped my system.  If you already have a commission with me from before this date, it won't affect the price of your existing commission.

More examples are in my Commissions Gallery…    Feel free to contact me by sending a note to this page! :D

Art I Love

Dandelion Fairy by Ihha Fescu Darnda Lars and Loknich by GingerOpal So Damn Sausagey by duvete Howl by sakimichan Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumei Commission Portraits by Saimain baby4~ by Chama Happy Birthday Relena - April 7th by Wolfcry17 prodigal by tasper float by Blaze-Bernatt Commission- Gundam Fantasy Chibis by Elenath A sight lovely to see by shoomlah So familiar a gleam by shoomlah Such a clever grown-up miss by shoomlah :thumb201481612: Reviving Peacemillion by ImpiousImp Gundam Anthros: Heero by ANGEL-knight7 GW Triple F by Virus-AC The Dead Will Come by saikaistory :thumb206025075: Persona Prince by Yuufee Princess Tutu and Fakir by oso-oso Swords by Quiet-Chrysanthemum The Prince who Lost his Heart by Quiet-Chrysanthemum Kissy Faice by duvete Noogie by duvete Fakiru Week 2011 Blue by duvete Fakiru Week - Cerulean Skies by amako-chan Icarus the Seer by BenWootten Colonial Pug... by cidaq hobbit pile by SpadeRabbit66 Hobbits 01 by mucun Boromir and Merry and Pippin by idolwild Lackadaisy Flapdoodle by tracyjb

Visit my online portfolio at JocelynCombe and…

CSS by me.

My commission profile is also at~

"Hvem vil klippe enhjørningene mine?"

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!" -- Cardinal Jimenex of Spam



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Atlas by SapphireGamgee
Still not sure why I didn't post this!  Probably an oversight O_O  But anyway, this was the first commission out of a group that created characters on Champions Online.  This is Atlas the Sahuagin (hopefully I spelled that correctly) .  The armor design and general look for Atlas came from the Champions Online character creation option, but some tweaking had to be done to make him look less lizard-y.  Atlas is an amphibious anthropomorph, so I tried to base his skin texture and markings on salamanders, though he's also got some fun fins going on as well.
1,252 deviations
Duuz by SapphireGamgee
This is Duuz, a shapeshifter, and the second commission out of a group.  The original idea for the character and armor, etc. came from the Champions Online game.  The sword and scabbard were not in the Champions Online design and were asked to be added.  The design was suggested by the commissioner, and honed by me.  They wanted a katana that looked somewhat alien, even in its blade design.  I used reference for the pose and had to alter the arm a bit from that since shapeshifter's arms are not quite like a human's.  Also, they only have two fingers...  As always, I had fun with the glowy bits (because shiny) :D

Anyway, glad to be back!  


Featured Deviants!

Friends and fellow artists, this month from the list on my journal. Give these people gallery traffic and lots of hugs, because they're awesome and super-nice!


Marvelous Princess Tutu art that makes me smile every time I see it!

Fakir and Mytho Bros for Gamgee by duvete Secret Santa 2011 by duvete

So Damn Sausagey by duvete Noogie by duvete

Princess Tutu My Little Ponies by meiharu Princess Tutu Crackapalooza 2 by meiharu

But that's not all she does. She's got fanart of DragonballZ and Homestuck, among others. Check her out at her main account, or at :iconduvete:!


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